BIG BROTHER Monitoring System

Big Brother is great Network Monitoring Software. It's completely free and has impressive capabilities. It has an enourmous amount of plugins for specific application monitoring and comes with a lot of general server monitoring abilities. We'll sum up the good and the bad for your convenience:


  • Clients are available for virtually any operating system
  • Free of licensing costs (you can buy a nice new server AND the installation service for the price of commercial Network Monitoring Systems)
  • Immediately available for download
  • Can be highly customized to your specific environment
  • Provides a simple end user interface for operators
  • Is proven technologies with a lot of big customers in Belgium (even with +300 servers)
  • Has monitoring capabilities for all large Database and ERP systems without added costs
  • Has low performance requirements
  • Con be set up to notify by SMS or beeper in case of emergency
  • Uses an open standard for it's network communications
  • Can be setup to display performance related system information


  • It is difficult to setup by those who have not done it before
  • At first impression its interface looks far too simple to monitor your complex network
  • It requires a good installed and running Apache, MySQL, PHP and some other software to do it's magic
  • Only has a web interface
  • Doesn't have a database backend to store it's historical data

    We can assist you in setting up Big Brother for you and automate everything:
    In a 2-3 day period we configure Big Brother with it's related software in your network. The first day we set it up on your distribution of choice. Then we configure it fully to be able to monitor some key systems and demonstrate you how you can add monitoring capabilities. No monitoring system does everything out of the box, and with our service you will learn how to monitor every key application in your network. Contact us for a price quote.

    We also have a Big Brother course available.

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